Tuesday, 23rd October 2012.

Posted on Friday, 19th October 2012 by Declan Palazzi

Ryan Garbutt, former IceRay and now forward for the Dallas Stars, will return to Corpus Christi this Saturday night and Sunday afternoon for Best-Of-The-Best weekend presented by The Caller Times. Also returning for the weekend are Jody Praznik and Mike Tomlinson.  Taking place of an alumni game, past members of the IceRays will start to be honored throughout the season as a part of the 15th year anniversary of hockey.

Also taking place this upcoming weekend is the Jazz Festival and Making Strides Walk, along with the Best-of-the-Best Showcase and Coastal Bend Fashion Showcase. Fans are encouraged to get to the arena early to avoid the long lines prior to the puck drops. Saturday night, the game kicks off at 7:05 PM, Watch it live with Verizon fios and right now save 40% when you sign up to a bundle deal using the latest Verizon fios deals and promo coupons .


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Posted on Tuesday, 16th October 2012 by Aidan Bayly

N ot so long ago, I announced that I’d made an important psychological breakthrough in weight loss with the Nutrisystem program , for a milited time get all the top Nutrisystem Discount Code promotions and coupons here and save a packet of cash as well as lose the weight, allowing me to outline the stages of concert excitement.

Well, in just 10 short months, I managed to deduce that people might experience a series of predictable stages in a relationship with an album as well. But while I compared the progression of emotions leading up to a concert to the stages of grief, this is more accurately compared to phases in a romantic relationship.

Allow me to explain, and hopefully you can better understand and navigate your next record relationship.

The Build-Up

It generally starts in one of two ways.

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Movers San Diego California
Hair salons Dallas Texas

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Posted on Monday, 15th October 2012 by Declan Palazzi

Fright Night Haunted House and Corpus Christi Harley Davidson will present “Monsters & Motorcycles” on Saturday, Oct. 13th.  Come ride out with your motorcycles and get scared!

Come enjoy live bands, food and lots of people running out scared!  Come meet the Harley Hotties!  And, of course, visit all 4 attractions that Fright Night has to offer:

Discount tickets are available at Corpus Christi Harley Davidson (502 S. Pa

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Posted on Wednesday, 10th October 2012 by Aidan Bayly

I’d like to take a moment (as I often do) to commit my 24-year-old angst to print.OH MY GAWD EVERYONE IS GETTING MARRIED.Stop it. I can’t.OK, fine. If you’re in love and all that, go for it. I’ll just silently judge your love while you silently judge my love (for the whiskey I will consume at your wedding reception). Just do me a favor and get a good DJ.The last time I was at a wedding, two things went wrong. One was that my date arrived late, missing dinner and insisting on running to McDonalds for food. The second was that as the reception was coming to an end, the DJ played Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” and the complex arrangement of expletives I’d like to use to express my hatred for that song are pushing it even for this paper.Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy dancing and singing like a fool, especially at weddings, but bad DJs seem stuck on a handful of songs. In Read full text…

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Posted on Friday, 5th October 2012 by Aidan Bayly

The forecast for this Saturday, according to my usually trustworthy iPhone is a high of 43 degrees and possible snow.I’m one of those people. I really don’t like fall. The days are getting shorter, everything is dying (and the leaves aren’t very pretty out here, sorry), chicks won’t shut up about pumpkin spice lattes, then we get this cold weather with useless snow I can’t ride a snowboard over.I’m bitching for a reason, hold tight. Despite this forecast that makes me seriously consider purchasing one of those sunlamps my friends’ Jewish grandmothers back in New York had, I will still be at the Chipotle Cultivate Festival.Here’s why: Best Coast, Grouplove, Okkervil River, Tennis, Zach Heckendorf. Read full text…

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