Posted on Saturday, 14th January 2012 by Declan Palazzi

It was on The Oprah Winfrey Show’s final season when American Idol sensation Jennifer Hudson sat one on one with Oprah and revealed to the world how many pounds she actually lost.

Neither Oprah nor the packed studio audience could believe Hudson when she uttered the number “80.”

The singer lost 80 lbs using a personal Weight Watchers Leader. “I didn’t expect to go as far as I did,” the soon to be 30-year-old singer told People StyleWatch. Hudson went from a size 16 to a size 6! But, she isn’t the only starlet in Hollywood that made a drastic weight change.

There’s a list of African American women in Hollywood who are suddenly shedding a lot of pounds. Consider these actors/singers: Jill Scott, Jordin Sparks, Marsha Ambrosius and Raven Symone. All these women were once full-figured.

Could it be that Black women in entertainment are being compelled to loss weight? Or could it be that a thinner frame enhances an artist’s image and may boost album sales? Perhaps it’s just a choice that these women make, the idea of wanting to look good and build self-confidence.


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