Review: Denzel Washington tries to halt a runaway train in ‘Unstoppable

“Unstoppable”: Two railroad employees (Chris Pine, Denzel Washington) must stop a runaway train.

Tony Scott faced a formidable challenge with his latest film. He had to create tension, excitement and danger without having a villain. Although he brushes close to the boundaries of absurdity at times, the veteran director manages to capture all of those elements through a speeding locomotive.

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Washington has shown an interest in playing average men pushed into extraordinary situations in movies such as “The Taking of Pelham 123″ and “The Book of Eli.” He’s comfortable slipping into that skin and it shows, especially in scenes with Pine. Grade: B

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“Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol”: It only took Matt Smith a few episodes to prove he’s the right actor to take over this iconic science fiction role. He brings an energy and youthful enthusiasm to the role that allows him to put his own spin on a character played by 10 other actors.

This holiday episode gives Smith the chance to show off that energy and enthusiasm as he deals with a modern take on the Charles Dickens story. The only way the doctor can save a crashing space liner is to save the soul of a lonely miser.

It’s done in glorious “Doctor Who” fashion. Grade: B+


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