Saving Money With Verizon FiOS Bundle Deals

Saving Money with Verizon FiOS Deals


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As mentioned the provider also offers bundling packages that make the offerings that much more appealing. By signing on for a couple of services you’ll actually save money while enjoying incredible service.

With bundling the more services and features you sign up for, the more you’ll save.

There is a “Bundle Builder” that is meant to help you create your own package that meets all your needs and wants. There are packages that require a contract as well as those that don’t. It’s all about choices and flexibility so that the customer is always satisfied. There are also packages available at all price levels so customers are bound to find one that works well for them.

The best bundle package deals don’t require a contract give you month-to-month service but at the same time guarantee your price for a whole year. This gives you peace of mind knowing you won’t be in for a price increase and it’s perfect if you rent or move a lot so you aren’t tied down to a package.Image result for fios

When you sign the two-year contract your price is guaranteed for two years. This can be large money savings when you think of how many items are on the rise. Knowing what the price will be for two whole years is a nice bonus.

If you’re looking for more ways to save money with Verizon FiOS the company offers the Verizon Share the Network promotion. This program is all about spreading the word and getting something in return. It is a referral program that customers can use.

All you need to do is refer your friends and family to sign up for FiOS or other Verizon services and then you can receive a gift card valued at up to $50.

The breakdown is as follows:

– If you refer a new customer who orders two or more qualifying services online using the referral code you gave them, you’ll get a $50 gift card.

– If you refer a new customer who signs up for one qualifying service you’ll get a $25 gift card.

There is no limit on the number of gift cards you can get and you can refer as many people as you want.

As an added incentive the people who sign up that you referred will also get the $25 or $50 gift card of their choice. The gift cards feature a selection of 15 different merchants that range from dining out, electronics you can get for your home, and more.

In order to refer friends, you will need to register or sign in at the Share The Network site. You’ll get a customized code that you can use to refer family and friends through email, Twitter, Facebook, or printed invitations. If you happen to be a FiOS TV customer you can send the referral through your FiOS TV widget. After sending your referrals you can then follow up with reminders that include the referral code again.

Who Can Get Verizon FiOS

As mentioned the service is available in select cities. To find out if your city is available simply visit the Verizon website and enter your address. You’ll get your answer instantly so you know if you can proceed.


For those who are looking for speed and high quality, the introduction of fiber-optics for home is the answer they were looking for. Verizon FiOS is able to provide customers with speed, quality, and money saving offers.


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